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Location Map of Veterans Memorial Park

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 "North St. Paul Veterans Park is dedicated to recognizing the service and sacrifice of military veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States and those from our community who gave their last full measure defending of our nation and to increase public awareness and provide ongoing education of such sacrifice."

Winter has melted away at Veterans Park and the Memorial Pavers are ready to be viewed and cherished again. The new “Locator” book is located near the Memorial Wall for the public to find the location of their “Memorial Paver”. A permanent stand will be added to the Park this year to house the “Locator” book and upcoming Park events.

“A new cement foundation was poured to support the soon-to-be Veterans Park signage. The sign will house the “Locator” book that helps find Memorial Pavers, upcoming events and tells the story of Veterans Park.” Stay tuned.
Levels include:
Bronze - $250
    Silver - $500
    Gold - $1,000

Header photos of Veterans Park

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